Hello, Merchants possibly seeking a Point of Sale Terminal.

When seeking a P.O.S. let’s ask the following questions. This will help determine likes, dislikes, Operating systems, features,etc…

Am I an Apple, Android or Windows person?

You’ll want to get something you see value in, ease of use, referred by a current user if not used yourself before. Let’s avoid buyers remorse as best as possible. Go to an Apple, Best Buy or other store and request a demo so you can determine before getting into software for P.O.S.

Which features do I want or need in a P.O.S.?

Consider the following:

Push notifications meaning the ability to send messages through the POS to your customers. This may be to let a customer their table is ready, food is ready for pick-up, or simply advertise a nightly, weekly or monthly special.

Employee Management meaning time keeping, hours, tips, breaks taken, etc…

Order Ahead meaning a customer can place an order online or via mobile app. This is a great feature for customers taking out or dining in and to have a table ready before arrival. This can help save so much time.

Rewards / Loyalty program meaning give your customers points, $ or free things such as fries, drink, etc….You can normally customize the offer and on the receipt as well in most cases. This will have your customers visiting more often.

Beacon Technology meaning when customers are in the vicinity of your location(s) the beacon will send an offer or at minimum recognize the customer and send them a text if you choose. Come in for ?????, You have ????? points which you can redeem now, etc…Powerful.

Marketing meaning some POS will allow for marketing via text, email and more if the POS offers this type of feature. Send out weekly emails, etc to entice loyal customers back in. Do the math. Getting a customer to enter your location more than once a month or more will increase revenues.

Accept Mobile Wallet / NFC Technology meaning your POS may have the option of PayPass or Tap and Go to pay from your cell phone device like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc. More and more persons are using this simple and faster check out technology. No pin delays and in some cases no signature required.

We offer both Traditional pc, Android and Ipad solutions to our Merchants which gives them the options they desire if available. We strive to offer the Best whether its Point of Sale, Terminals, ATM, Business Funding and Customer Marketing solutions. If you or someone is looking for the Best POS and need advice or looking for a new revenue opportunity contact our office.

Thank you,                                                                                            Bryan Lee

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