Is Square the Best fit for your Business?

Are you using or considering Square as your Payments partner? They market well and have a simple solution and to most believe the pricing is the Best thats offered with the advertising being a flat rate. But is it the Best for your Business? Not if your doing more than $2,000 per month. Lets review.

The Point of Savings

I have met with many Square Merchants and had to figure out how can my office be a competitive foe. Well after review and analysis I came up with a breaking point where our processing would give our merchants a $40 savings per month over Square. That breaking point was $2,000.00. If a Merchant is happy with Sqaure and is processing under $2,000 then be all means stay put.

If a Merchant is processing over $2,000 and would like to save the difference then I suggest submit a Square statement or just volume to our office and we will provide a free cost savings proposal. If your office is processing $40,000 per month thats an estimated monthly savings of $200. Reinvest that $2400.00 per year back into your Business.

Point of Sale Equipment

We will also provide other #Payment devices, #POS, #Mobile readers etc which may be of a better quality. For instance, say you are using the traditional square reader. It’s not held in place and moves around a bit. Our many Mobile readers will fit securely. We also offer Blue tooth readers which stand alone.

#Square has their #POS device which is decent but doesnt have many features or functionality. We are a provider of over 15 POS devices with features like employee mgmt, inventory, splits, table seating, bar features, delivery, and many more. Request a free cost savings proposal on pricing and a POS system. We carry Windows, IOS and Android.

The bottom line is Square is a good fit for small Retail and QSR if doing low volume but consider this. When Square is charging their 2.75% on all cards your cost on Debit cards is only 1-1.5% on average. Your giving Square 1% easily over what you need too.

If you would like a #FREE COST SAVINGS for your Business or your merchant and need help figuring this out we are here to help.

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