Doing the Right thing for Business

Since 2009 I have helped Businesses of all types and sizes review and find out how we can improve on their Business. Simple changes go along way from hiring the right staff, to Having a good Social Media presence, to creating daily goals you’d like to meet which normally communicating to staff those goals for the company. What I tend to normally find is the Business owner is getting no imput from a coach or mentor or other Business owners so they wing it unless they have a budget for such services

This presents opportunities for Business Consultants to come in and provide not only a free consultation but possibly a free trial for 30 days. Evaluating their challenges, concerns and coming up with solutions for those needs. I have always told myself before I can earn a living I need to help others do so. It sounds foolish but I believe in the “what goes around, comes around” law.

Let’s say your in B2B Sales like I am and you offer ice to Restaurants. Don’t only go in to help with ice but if you have a network of professionals who can help the owner “Dave” who you may see struggle with Marketing and you know someone who possibly can help refer “Dave” to them. No guarantees just s referral. Dave and the Marketer may be super grateful you did.

This is a practice I try all the time. I love referring persons who can do something that I cannot do or offer them. Scripture for those who believe says “Love thy neighbor as theyself”. Or “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”. This is something I believe in and practice. Building value through long term relationships will pay dividends for life if done right.

If your a Business seeking a referral for a specific need contact my office. I have a network of Professionals which may be able to help with your specific need. I will do my Best to help.

Bryan Lee

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